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11 Oct


Esmae Lovisa born the 10th of October @ 11.02am weighing 6lb 1/2 oz and 46cm long.


Monster Bubble

4 Oct


An equally enjoyable activity for mammas and small people 🙂

Joining the modern world!

15 Sep


Well its seems as if my new phone can do just about anything so MAYBE I’ll get better at updating here! For your amusement pic of lachlan being lachlan 🙂

A bit of knightly advice.

28 Mar

Even if you are a wall sticker knight make sure you are as ‘supped’ up as possible. The more armour the better.

Keep a weapons cache near the door in case of a quick escape.

No matter what you are be armed. (This pan is complete with a mini bow and arrows…)

Put the scariest looking guys on look-out. Because you never know….

Look! Curtains hanging.

27 Mar

Granted this isn’t the best photo but here they are, my first attempt at curtains. The tops are cut off intentionally as they are still a bit wonky awaiting the arrival of some more curtain hooks. The lovely print makes up for more than a bit of haste and impatience on my behalf. And when pulled closed they really glow in the morning sun.

A visitor and more.

20 Feb

Here we are at the end of a lovely weekend. Lou was here visiting and although altogether it was a lazy few days we did go manage to show her a couple of sites. Rubha Phoil is just down the road and although we didn’t spot any seals from the forest walk viewpoints it was a nice wander over the sheep wool paths (bouncy and non-squelchy!). Lachlan enjoyed playing in the old fishing boat next to the ‘play park’ – a big tree hung with nets and ropes – and of course we visited the fairies. Yesterday, we drove over to Elgol stopping off in Torrin for lunch at the Blue Shed Cafe. Its a lovely wee place with a rather grand view of the Cullins and I’m very glad one of the owners comes to my sewing class or else I would never have discovered it. Their delicious and fairtrade baking and soup set us up for a decidedly chilly walk on the beach.

And of course visitors means eating or certainly does in this house! Aubergine pilaf, polenta lasagna and pizza were all on the dinner menu and Henrik served up waffles for breakfast.  Banana maple cookies were consumed and although we didn’t have room for the brownies Lou set off down the road with a couple wrapped up and we managed to fit them in today too 🙂

Below you can see the progress on my latest sewing project.  Each curtain has one hem. Its seems I have a lot of work to do and finish over my remaining three sewing classes! Also, a couple of those maple cookies still remaining…… The big picture shows our new frame finally filled and hung. It looks lovely and goes a bit towards my resolution to get some more pictures displayed in this house. The shield was a Lachlan and me make today (inspired by No Time for Flashcards). I did try to get a photo of him playing with it but they all turned out a blur. And finally, the mini photographer himself!



Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb

Yes, yes its commercial and gaudy. Or, it can be. Homemade is not and it’s always good to be given a little push to say ‘I love you’ because we never do say it enough*