Almost a year.

13 Feb

So, it seems almost a year has gone by since that last post. That’s a fair amount of silence.

I can be forgiven as we didn’t even have internet for a long, long, long time. And even after it was finally installed I guess I was out of the blogging habit and busy with moving (and once again losing our connection for a while) and the festivities and such.

However, now we have internet again and the boxes are unpacked (almost) and I’ve reignited my relationship with google reader I thought why not get this space back up too? I’ve enjoyed re-reading all those previous posts. And even if this blog is *only* about what we did and ate when, that’s kind of what we are all about. A record of us for us but if you enjoy reading too that’s great.

So an update. A quick one.

Still on Skye. Now living in Ardvasar, which is my home town. I work here which is a bit of a departure from my previous line of employment but works brilliantly for now. Henrik continues working for his old company. Lachlan is at nursery and is mainly to be found up to mischief and completely deaf to all parental requests. It’s a stage, right? Will that do? Any questions?


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