We have landed!

19 Feb

DSCF4957, originally uploaded by gilmic.

Ok so perhaps we have been here for a while but our internet provider is taking its sweet time in getting us connected and it is not polite to spend all visits to your parents on the internet.

This picture, taken in snowier times, shows our house on the right. Thankfully it does not allow a glimpse inside where the interior still verges on the chaotic. We have managed a spot of painting and carpet fitting and its getting there….

We are enjoying the great outdoors and have been blessed by some great weather and a garden which includes a gruffalo cave and a huge chopped down tree which is standing in as a climbing frame.

I’m enrolled on a sewing class and have many grand plans of the dressmaking kind – we shall see. I’m also nearly employed in a couple of places; details to follow. Lachlan is making a name for himself on the playgroup circuit and still dodges jacket wearing. And Henrik has joined the badminton club, is threatening to do a marathon (oh, and sea swimming!) and is finding out all about the required drinking one has to partake in in a little community like ours 🙂

Plenty more to come and pictures too, I promise!


2 Responses to “We have landed!”

  1. neacag February 21, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    Delighted to see the return of Uh-Oh! Something we might hear a little more frequently once we switch our sewing machines on! xx

  2. Emma Wingren March 6, 2010 at 9:33 am #

    Oh, it looks fantastic and sounds really nice. We’re so looking forward to seeing all of you in the spring, several times 😀
    Hope Skye-life treats you well. I’m Geneva atm, alone and lonely. People laugh at me cuz I’m more of a tourist than an intern b/c of my short stay, but I think I’m brave…!
    Miss you!

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