2 Aug

Nope there is no baby ‘news’. No 2. does not seem to be as impatient as their big brother was and seems to be quite happy serving its full sentance inside. In answer to the question ‘how are you?’ I usually answer ‘fine’ but more truthfully I am rather grumpy and impatient. I didn’t have to do any waiting last time around but others are even more restless than me although I’m not exactly sure what they’d like me to do about it…

Here is the bump, small but perfectly formed, and due to the recent growth scan we know its not a tiny baby in there, at exactly 39weeks.

39 (1)

39 (2)

We haven’t been sitting around just waiting either. Henrik’s birthday was last week and we welcomed Moose Jnr the goldfish, Rip, Rap and Rup the little tetras and Smeagol the snail into the family. Birthday beer tasting was undertaken at the Bridge of Allan brewery, we had a lovely lunch and Henrik even got a quiet hour to himself at the driving range.  And of course there was the obligitory ‘happy cake’ or cakes in this case.


Photographic proof here that Lachlan had been doing a little taste testing before the singing and candles!

Yesterday we enjoyed a day out at the Safari Park with our NCT buddies to wish the best to a couple who are off to experience island life.  Mum and Dad popped down for the weekend too ‘just in case’ but are now away back up the A9 with still just the one grandchild and I guess with their fingers crossed that they are not going to get called back mid journey 🙂 The other new thing in our lives is our ‘wee bus’ as Lachlan has christened it, a rather nifty Mazda 5 which has room galore for us all. I have yet to drive it but am hoping that its size and power dont overcome me!

Away to wait somemore…..

PS Spent the afternoon uploading to flickr so head on over for a full photographic roundup of Lachlan’s birthday and some recent days/trips.


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