16 Jul

Hello my ever patient reading audience of five or so. We are still here if a little rough and frayed around the edges. Well that would be me 🙂 At 36+ weeks perhaps I’m getting a bit impatient and still don’t seem to have grasped what I should and shouldn’t be doing…e.g. bus to park with a 10minute walk tagged on the end fine deciding after active play supervision (including hill scrambling!) to walk the 2 1/2 miles home NOT so wise! The big boy is his usual energiser bunny self even with a pulled leg muscle (who said running was good for you?) and the wee one is a joy or a cranky so-and-so depending on what time he decides to get out of bed in the morning. We just had a great weekend on Skye made even more fine by the tropical weather we were treated to. I was just relieved to get up and down the road without going into early labour as I wasn’t too keen on a roadside delivery. Must dash for now as Lachlan and I are off to a ‘Brainy Bairns’ summer club just hope they don’t expect the mothers to be too bright! Shall leave you with this wee video which is the reason for the title – someone in this household is not camera shy…. (Sorry tried to embed it but it wont let me – you’ll just have to click)


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