21 Jun

We have been busy, busy, busy lately with birthday things and not so happy things but we can’t deny you a glimpse of the boys birthday. So a small selection of photos:


Birthday train set.

tractor t

Tractor t-shirt.


Lachlan’s favourite ‘exhibition’ at the Transport Museum

pc plum

“I will get on PC Plums bike!” (despite the barriers….)


Cake N0. 1

tractor cake

Party cake (mamma very proud that it actually looked like a tractor!)


Jump! @ Briarlands (party venue)

All the other pictures will be uploaded at some point but we have a full house this week and Lachlan has us all in training for future baby sleep deprivation.

PS: Here is a pic of the lovely bits I got from Izzi at Green Parent for the summer craft swap:


And heres the ugly fellow I made for my swap partner….



One Response to “taster”

  1. slugs on the refrigerator June 22, 2009 at 5:53 pm #

    I honestly cannot believe the change in him from the last pics I looked at!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a grown up young man now…it must be being 2.

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