8 Jun

Number of:

Years married = 4.


And a bouquet of seasonal organic blooms from a tuned in hubby to mark the occasion.

Nights spent in ‘big boy bed’ = 6


Yes, we are still in the ‘settling in’ stage but as soon as it was built he wanted in it and wont entertain any suggestion of sleeping in his cot. I tested it out for a wee snooze this morning while trying to convince him that 5am is not getting up time…its very comfy if a bit short.

Peas shelled for accompanying BBQ salad: ….lost count!


Ok, so it was meant to be a broad bean salad but peas were a tasty substitute if a little time consuming. Click here for the recipe for Flamed Red Pepper and Broad Bean (or Peas) Salad. Lots of positive comments on this one from BBQ attendees.

Weeks pregnant = 32.


That means 8weeks to go…if we reach the EDD this time around.

Going by Lachlan’s arrival we could be looking at 5 weeks left…

In other news….

Henrik is uploading pictures to flickr as I type. Feel free to go see. This one alone is worth the trip.

The house revamp is going well. Downstairs is done. Upstairs is middling to messy. And the attic…well lets not talk about that.

Birthday preparations are in full swing. Party time is coming and cake and visitors!

I finished up with Edinburgh. I like being unemployed 🙂


2 Responses to “Numbers”

  1. Auntie A June 10, 2009 at 11:43 am #

    What a love tummy you have! I’m so sad I won’t be celebrating your b’day. The monster has had his share of attention in Hungary. There must be some limits.

    I immensely enjoyed Henrik’s comments about the ‘Danish dude’ :o)

    Give Archie a pat and let’s root for the 8 weeks.
    Auntie A

    • gilmic June 10, 2009 at 6:26 pm #

      You’ll just have to eat some cake for us on the 17th and for yourself on the 18th and we promise to do the same 🙂
      Henrik very much enjoyed creating all his ‘Danish dude’ comments! Kept him amused for ages….

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