15 May

The sunny weather has been determining our activities of late and its mostly been all about the garden and the park. Free range toddlers are a delight, pretty much self entertaining and supervision can be given from a park bench or a warm garden step. However, the clouds do return and needs must so today was a return to domesticity with food shopping, planned meals and baking. We did detour to Good Green Fun on our way home from the food shop , supposedly just to check if they had swim trunks for Lachlan but we managed to find a few things that weren’t on any official shopping list. A wooden xylophone, Thomas, teeny tiny newborn nappy wraps, a couple of pre-folds, Bob’s hat (or one very similar anyway), a ‘Bear Songs’ music cd and some little wooden bits for little hands accompanied us home. Its nice to both pick up a few bargains and support a local initiative. The book pictured below is one of a slowly growing collection that I’m amassing for Lachlan of children’s books published in the 1980’s. They are all very familiar to me being a child of the era and I love the illustrations and the no nonsense feel of the stories. Also, picking them up second hand, the one pictured was 49p from Oxfam, is an inexpensive way to build up the boy’s library. Next step a bargain book shelf or two!


Baked today were gingerbread biscotti (a version of this recipe) which are to be presented in a glass jar (which I fear may be a little small for purpose) and offered as a housewarming gift. The less pretty end pieces are being enjoyed by Henrik and I with tea for those that can stand it and chocolate milk for those who cant.


And almost forgot to mention a lovely afternoon with ball pits and slides for little people and coffee and chat for the mammas and a gifted car garage from the same friends which L enjoyed before dinner despite his no-nap exhaustion.


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