8 May

Advantages to being used as indoor wet weather play equipment?

You get to lie down while doing it.


Possible bruised rib, wonky hip and a squashed 26 week old.


Despite the ever present downpours Lachlan’s new toy of choice is a pair of reflective sunglasses which were discovered during an enthusiastic clear out of the bedroom drawers. Hes not actually that keen on wearing them himself but demands them to be modeled. Its not exactly taxing to sit in a pair of sunglasses and he finds it entertaining for a surprising amount of time.

We are looking forward to having guests tomorrow evening and are planning a foray into the world of sushi! Asparagus and carrot filled rice balls are to be accompanied by baked tofu and a sesame dressed salad. Hopefully it will all go to plan. The pudding is a sure thing as we have this recipe down to a tee. Ice cream cake is perfect for any occasion (or non-occasion) and audience, looks impressive and is so easy even a toddler can do it.

You will need:

2 tubs Swedish Glace (non dairy ice cream or 1.5ltr ice cream)

150g crushed biscuits (we use those little caramel biscuits you get served with coffee…the name escapes me)

200g dark chocolate chips

100g mini marshmallows

100g honey roast cashew nuts

Then you simply mix it all together, pop it in a cake tin and into the freezer with it until it is required. Serve in big cake like wedges, with or without sauce, and wait for the ‘mmmms’ of appreciation.

During the making of the pudding this afternoon Lachlan and I ate perhaps too much of the ingredients than was called for and the licking of spoons and ice cream tubs post preparation was verging on the ridiculous so we detoxed with poached fish for dinner. Now mamma feels virtuous enough to indulge in chocolate with some tv viewing later 🙂



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