28 Apr

Hands up if you love lasagna. Us too! Usually its saved for a treat as I do it from scratch and two sauces, layering to perfection and just the right amount of nutmeg takes time and makes a lot of mess. But I was on a certain food blog (yes, that one) and saw a recipe for Polenta Lasagna which I reckoned could be prepped in half an hour so I gave it a whirl.


Delicious, I tell you.  OK, so I deviated from the recipe and mushrooms became peppers and celery and pesto took the place of the marinara sauce called for. I took the easy option and used spinach instead of kale and even neglected to chop the olives and served them on the side.  Nevertheless empty plates all round…well the green elements were left by the small person but I counted one piece of spinach that reached his mouth under disguise in the sauce so a limited amount of popeye magic got in there!

The only thing which hampered preparation of dinner was the activity that I had set up for Lachlan. A large piece of contact paper stuck on the crockery cupboard kind of gets in the way of doing dinner type things…like laying the table or needing a mixing bowl…and the toddler sticking things to it, well to be honest he gets in the way too.



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