22 Apr

We have returned. I am currently enjoying the benefits of a napping son and wireless to post from the garden where I am admiring my billowing washing on the line and the blue sky. I plan to upload the numerous photographs from Denmark as soon as I have made a dent in the work which accompanied me on holiday but was ignored for the duration. Suffice to say we had a great time the little one for the tractor spotting and ‘driving’ opportunities and for the older ones a spot of r&r and the fine company and hospitality. We managed to visit beaches and gardens, eat fresh fish and ice cream by the sea, ‘assist’ with some terrace building, ride trains, planes and automobiles at Legoland and plenty more besides. Lachlan is currently on holiday-detox, he is to be weaned off generous amounts of sugar, constant attention and dare I say it d-u-m-m-y overuse. Along with this and the fact that he still has a lot of sleep to catch up on he isn’t making the most pleasant companion at the moment but we’ll get through it with patience and some help from the Balamory team 🙂 He’s also decided that he doesn’t like my cooking so if Bente (MIL) and Anna (SIL) would like to send some Danish meat, potatoes and sauce express delivery that’d be great! At least we returned with Danish cheese and pate so if I ration that out he’ll have food for a while….


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