3 Apr


Today we had the opportunity to go view the house that could be ours when we make the move. It’s a traditional croft house with sea and mountain views, real fireplaces in almost every room, a small sun porch and opportunity to have a playroom and now I almost wish we hadn’t seen it as there are no guarantees…no guarantees that our house will sell or that the house here can be held until we arrive.  We are keeping everything crossed and can but hope.


Our prospective local – beach that is!

On a different note I was happy to hear of the safe arrival of my first ever craft swap offering. The swap was arranged by mamas at the Green Parent and I had been nervous at sending anything to such talented and crafty people being such a novice in the creativity department. However, it was very generously received and you can read all about it over at Chasing Pixies.


My craft swap dry felted butterfly and duck before being sent off.


One Response to “Home?”

  1. slugs on the refrigerator April 4, 2009 at 8:06 am #

    What’s for you won’t go by you, as they say. And I promise not to be too jealous if you get that house!

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