31 Mar

Tomorrow we head to Skye to celebrate a friend’s wedding returning on Sunday night to leave again the next morning for Denmark. One can’t complain about so many lovely travel plans but today was definitely a ‘to-do’ day.

  • Giftwrap for some to-be-sent presents




  • Soapnut Liquid to act as multi purpose travel wash for bodies, hair and clothes



  • Fridge to be emptied of perishables


Done. Courtesy of butternut squash, courgette and thyme risotto with a sprinkle of goats cheese and a spinach salad.

And of course there were plenty of less photogenic activities ticked off too.

Lachlan and his pappa were much better today although neither were displaying their usual appetites but thats only to be expected. The wee one was full of beans in every other way.

water-playWater play, pouring from container to container, instigated by mamma in an attempt to divert the little man from his obsession of shaking water from his cup all over the living room carpet…


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