26 Mar


Fewer things give me more of a contented feeling than the opening of the fridge to find a stack of old ice cream boxes and margarine tubs filled with leftovers. No need for sandwiches for lunch and dinner can be on the table in five minutes. The hunter gatherers among us can spoon straight from tub into mouth. And of course you have that spare half hour of prep time when there are no carrots to be peeled or sauces to be stirred, just the right amount of time to make cake. Lachlan and I went basic…sponge cake. 4oz each of margarine, sugar and flour with a flax seed/water combo (2 tablespoon flax seed, 6 water or 2 eggs), a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a good dollop of cocoa powder and a handful of raspberries. It baked while we ate the remains of a ‘Shepherdess’ pie – a fancy name I think for veggies with mash and a flavour packed gravy.sheperdess-pie

The boy I felt had had enough cake mix and opportunity for smearing raspberries into furniture, jumpers and hair pre-dinner so we skipped pudding…Well I should say he skipped pudding ’cause I’m off for a large portion right now. Ive sandwiched the two parts together with fruit spread, iced with dark chocolate spread and with a generous smothering of vegan cream it’s going to be a perfect accompaniment to E.R. Yum.


P.S. Henrik is somewhere on a cross country train, surprisingly delayed but don’t worry I have saved some for him and there’s still plenty of leftovers if he needs a post midnight snack.


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