22 Mar

Mothers Day should be I suppose re-christened Mamma’s Day in this household although with the Swedish celebration falling on another date entirely perhaps that not correct either. We could go with Mammy’s Day which is my second title and is a Gaelic/English hybrid or there’s the infrequently used Mummy which Lachlan has acquired from somewhere and seems to be saved for pleading along with that doe-eyed stare. Whatever you call it Lachlan is still too wee to understand it’s significance but never-the-less I was presented with a card which he made in nursery this morning along with my usual good morning ‘puss’ (kiss) and then Henrik whipped up some delicious celebratory pancakes for breakfast. He named them ‘impromptu’ pancakes as they were based on a cobbled together recipe and a traumatic foray into my baking supplies shelf which is not for the faint hearted I tell you. The boys have been out gardening since breakfast breaking only for lunch as Sunday is my assigned work day. We did however have a lovely sunny fun filled day yesterday with haircuts, picnics in the park, sandpits and the buying of craft supplies thrown in for good measure.

So 21 months into my mothering journey what have I learnt? A Lot! Which of course shall be put into practice with ‘Archie Bump’. I think its impossible to explain how you feel about something you created, there is nothing else like it and there are plenty who can write about it far more eloquently than me. Suffice to say its a rollercoaster of an experience and I guess it doesn’t get any easier or less rewarding with time. If theres any advice I could impart it would be to always have the following up your sleeve: a constant supply of wet wipes, a toy tractor (this may only work with Lachlan tho!), a cereal bar, the lyrics to a few dozen kids songs [musical ability optional], a whole pile of creativity and a bucket load of patience 🙂 Any other tips gratefully received!

Happy Mothers Day! *



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