18 Mar

Despite the ever present ‘For Sale’ sign staked into the garden its easy to forget the realities of the house being on the market along with the items on that ‘To Do’ list we drew up in an attempt to prepare the house for buyers. That is until the estate agent phones to arrange the first viewing to happen in but a few hours time. There begins a whirlwind of scrubbing, hovering, the flinging open of windows, plumping of cushions, throwing thing in cupboards followed swiftly by the realisation that people will look in cupboards, the rapid tidying of cupboards, shooing of cats and toddlers, the ignoring of fluff and spiderwebs, rearranging of throws etc etc.  Once this is complete leave the house before all your good work is undone! But it brings us one step closer to this:

tarskavaigOr thats what we keep telling ourselves anyway.


One Response to “Panic”

  1. Emma Wingren March 24, 2009 at 7:02 pm #

    I could move for that…….wow!

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