15 Mar

Any idea what we made this weekend? There are three separate creations pictured here so no need to imagine a combination of these elements, that wouldn’t be pretty. Answers at the end…


We had a successful forage at the NCT sale yesterday returning with among other bargains a Brio Dumper Truck, a wooden abacus, a multitude of small cars, a cot bumper, jumpers, tshirts, vests, a posh shirt and two immaculate books from my ‘most wanted’ list: Eric Carle’s ‘My Very First Book of Colours’ and Rod Campbell’s ‘Buster Gets Dressed’ . These are the kind of books that Lachlan loves, sturdy, playful and full of objects he knows and can name. We’re saving Buster for a rainy day along with a ‘vrooming’, light flashing pick-up truck which being a small boy of course he adores.

The cats are continuing to give Lachlan lots to think about it. Koshka’s capture of a mouse and its subsequent escape in the kitchen late last night was the topic of conversation over breakfast and he kept a close eye on the cats vigil next to the washing machine. So, mouse has been a word that we’ve been hearing a lot today but no sign of the actual escapee…

So did you guess what our creations were?

#1 Some slime made from a concoction of cornstarch, water and green food colouring. Poured into a plastic bag it transforms into a ‘squishy bag’ for Lachlan as per instructions from the Toddler Busy Book (yes, again! slightly obsessed by this book at the minute)


#2 Topping for a lovely rhubarb crumble which has since been polished off.

#3 Cocoa butter and kpangan butter melting to make ‘massage’ bars. What could be better than diy moisturiser with the only additive being mandarin oil? Smells like chocolate orange.



One Response to “Made”

  1. kara March 16, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    you’re like ‘Emma Stewart’ or something! move to sweden all ready so that I can craft with you guys! 😀 it’d be awesome…

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