13 Mar

Lachlan had an early rise this morning.  Coffee fixed that. Lachlan decided against an afternoon nap. Jelly filled an activity gap. jellyI’ve been reading about jelly ‘painting’ so had popped some into the trolley this morning but in the end it seemed far more sensible to make it to eat ! We added strawberries to the mix and Lachlan took it upon himself to pop in some grapes from the fruit bowl.  Not satisfied with just jelly custard, ‘cream’ and sprinkles turned it into sponge-free trifle. Tasty.

We’ve been busy sorting and labeling baby bits to take along to the NCT sale tomorrow. Of course this will mean attending the sale. Hopefully profit and loss will even each other out. The wee one seemed to rather enjoy modeling a pair of tiny scratch mittens which as far as I can recall hes never worn until now.


Since his ‘life lesson’ the other day – seeing Kici catching a bird – Lachlan has been rather obsessed with his feathered friends. We have to ‘ssshhhh’ whenever he hears a tweet or two and hes been bird spotting mad. I decided that we should make some paper versions which would be safe from the cats. We kept it very simple just cutting out bird shapes from card. I had looked into tutorials for making a nest but they were all a bit beyond Lachlan’s capabilities. So with some assembled scraps, bits of wool, craft feathers, cotton wool balls and tissue paper we created this:

bird-nestTalking of creations here is what I’ve been making recently. The first a practice one for ‘diddy’ (Lachlans doll), the second a present for a little person who has a birthday coming up and the third, modeled here by Bob, is going spare. bob


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