10 Mar

What you shall require for this activity:

One hyperactive toddler who has politely refused afternoon nap.

One tired mamma who had allocated nap-time as work-time.

Ideas from ‘The Toddlers Busy Book’ to be blatantly disregarded.


close‘Balloon kite’ preferred as pull-along toy to accompany one on numerous break out attempts, later to be stood on and burst. Noise experiment?

toddler-graffiti‘Shadow Chalking’ can’t really happen if there are no shadows to trace around…. Here we have toddler graffiti chalk art instead.

sandpitInaugural unveiling of the sandpit 2009 most successful activity. Mamma ignored the numerous spiders that came out of sandy winter hibernation.

Optional Learning Activity:

Circle of Life or Cats eat Birds.

Lachlan had front row seat to Kici catching bird and whizzing around the garden with it in her mouth. Thankfully it escaped and Lachlan only had to deal the image of capture and a few stray feathers rather than the crunching of bird bits. He was quite upset by the whole thing and sat saying ‘cat’ ‘tweet-tweet’ and signing ‘bird’ repeatedly. Mamma then had to explain that cats do occasionally eat birds rather than cat crunchies….

Lessons learnt:

Structured activities can be re-interpreted by toddlers, free play is always a hit and nature can unexpectedly provide a lesson in life and death.


One Response to “Garden”

  1. kara March 11, 2009 at 7:11 am #

    ouf. hadn’t even thought about the ‘death’ lesson… must be really difficult to explain to a toddler 😦 or, might be easier when they’re younger, and excepts all things, rather then older, when they have all the questions? hmmm

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