9 Mar

It always feels like forever when I haven’t updated this blog for a few days. So much to catch up on and so many little things will probably slip through the recall net!chick

It being a Monday the rest of the family are out at nursery and work and I’m left home alone trying to avoid the many distractions the house provides as work is on the agenda after being sinfully neglected over the past couple of weeks. This little guy, my first ‘purchase’ from the Green Parent exchange scheme has been keeping me company. He’s my first step in creating a Seasons/Nature table for Lachaln, the whole basic idea being to bring a bit of the outdoors in. We’ve still to go gathering for some natural materials so in the mean time the chick is residing in the hyacinths pot which in itself is very spring themed. I’m hoping that Lachlan and I are going to experiment with making some eggs out of felt and paper mache to add to our display too and even to share some as Easter presents. The next ‘make’ on the agenda involves two pieces of fleece which I’ve spent a large majority of the day un-raveling from the washing line as its been rather gusty here – I’ve been ignoring the frequent showers as I’m sure the extreme wind/weak rain combination will equal itself out! The project has ‘no-sew’ and ‘easy’ in its title so I am hopeful and may even post a picture of the finished articles if they turn out presentable.

We had a rather extended weekend here as Henrik and I took advantage of my parents visiting to whisk ourselves off to Glasgow for an overnight on Friday. We dined on tapas, browsed leisurely in Borders and took in a film – ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ which was easily identifiable as a Woody Allen offering from the get-go and was light hearted and enjoyable with a sweet soundtrack. Our hotel room was free of play food and we were not awakened by the shaking of a radiator by an awake and playful toddler. It was rather lovely but it was equally as lovely to see him when we got back. We got back to Stirling in time to meet the boy and ‘Ga’ (Gran) and ‘En-ar’ (Seannair – Gaelic for Grandfather) at Waterstones for the Gruffalo’s 10th birthday event. I must admit it came up a bit short in the event stakes but the reading by a member of staff and the badge, sticker and balloon received as presents by attendees seemed to please the kids. Lachlan quite cutely calls the Gruffalo Pappa as he also has the ‘Gruffalos Child’ and is quite used to hearing about him in his parental role 🙂 With the addition of my sister we spent the rest of the day strolling around town and then back home for dinner and ice cream cake. Everyone left by yesterday afternoon and we spent the remaining hours of the weekend quietly, having a ‘muffin tin’ tea for all and some episodes of Lost for the parents when the wee man went to bed.muffin-tea1

Here is Lachlan looking rather excited by the prospect of a ‘muffin tin’ tea although the eagle eyed among you may notice he’s already been at the hummus. The selection here is cucumber, pepper, cubed ham, hummus, tomato dip and blueberries for dessert. It was all served with crisps (which Lachlan doesn’t eat he just enjoys dipping them into dips, sucking off the hummus or similar and then presenting the soggy remains of crisp to his parents) and rice cakes. This method of food serving is encouraged as a means of interesting toddlers/children in their food – an issue we’ve never had problems with! Theres a whole online community who document varieties of this, some very imaginative. Pictures can be found on flickr.


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