25 Feb


Can you spot the fish on the right hand side of this picture? They were Lachlan’s ‘official’ project this morning but after gluing them to within an inch of their lives, covering them with shimmery things and painting a blue sea, he wanted orange paint. I don’t think its his favourite colour or anything he just enjoys being able to say the word! ‘Orange juice’ is one of his two word phrases and we’re quite often presented with orange delicacies cooked up in his kitchen.

Lachlan being quiet means one of two things. 1) He’s up to mischief. Today after a quiet spell I found him in the hall where he’d been emptying two of my art boxes all over the stairs and had proceeded to draw on some craft paper. What you cant see in this picture are the 101 tiny sequins which were decorating the carpet….



2) He’s reading. This is the kind of quiet I like.

For reasons which now escape me I asked the estate agent to come tomorrow to take the pictures of the house for the sales details. I have therefore spent the evening stuffing things into already crammed cupboards and trying to clean while being accompanied by a playful toddler or an attention starved cat. I was happy to multi task and get half the bathroom done while the boy was in the bath. I didn’t go as far as to clean the bath while Lachlan was in it, even with eco-friendly cleaning stuff that may have been a multi task too far..


2 Responses to “Today”

  1. Auntie A February 26, 2009 at 7:59 am #

    Lachlan being up to mischief??? I can’t believe it?! I noticed he’s reading Auntie’s book in auntie’s chair – am I proud or what?!!! Oh, can pass on from my colleagues, you’ve got the cutest/prettiest toddler!
    I used to peel off the wallpaper in my room when I was upto mischief…You seem to be having fun though :o)

  2. slugs on the refrigerator February 26, 2009 at 10:12 am #

    didn’t you know that toddlers create the biggest messes when you require the house to be clean? Its one of the laws of physics.

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