22 Feb

egg-mayo After a day of staring at my computer screen while the boys were out and about playing football, feeding swans and spotting tractors I felt in need of some cooking therapy. Ever since the veg box arrived with a recipe for quiche I’ve had a hankering for some. I had thought of attempting a savory version of an oat crust but came across a recipe for a rice crust on the fabulous site FatFree Vegan Kitchen and was intrigued… It looked a bit like egg mayo before it went in the oven! Broccoli and tomato was my choice for filling (that being what was in the fridge!) with FFVK’s quiche mix – which is the basis for her ‘famous’  mini crustless quiches too. All the details can be found here . It was a great success and the wee one even ate a piece of broccoli (this could have been because the broccoli got a little ‘caramelised’ and was no longer green!). Afterwards, with some left over custard in the fridge I felt compelled to whip up a quick sponge to accompany it, which I’m off to enjoy now with an episode of the never-ending mystery that is LOST.quiche


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