18 Feb

It has been my intention to write a list of words that the wee man uses for a while now…Yet another one of those things I’ve never quite got around to. Looking back I would have dearly loved to have written a daily ‘baby’ diary tracking progress but I suppose that’s what blogs are for and if I’m good and keep this one up to date I’ll have a great record to look back at. However, Henrik and I, over the last couple of day, have compiled a list of words and here it is, in no particular order!


Cat, Kici & Koshka (our cats), pants, cake, stair, car, key, bye-bye, hello, phone, mummy, cheese, hummus, orange, apple, toast, bath, pop, jacket, shoes, socks, up, cot, all-gone, ball, iggle piggle, tea, Archie, fish, teddy, hat, bang, tractor, more, brush, ta, thankyou, eyes, nose, pooh, toilet, hot, yoghurt and today we’ve had straw.

Swedish: (apologies don’t have the correct accents on my keyboard, forgive me and the translations, mine, may be a bit incorrect)

lampa (light), kaka (cake), ljus (light), snopp (willy), napp (dummy), anka (duck), jos (juice), paron (pear), duscha (wash/clean), stol (stool), dator (computer), hus (house), mus (mouse) buss (bus), clocka (clock) and skal (cheers).

One can learn quite a few things about Lachlan from this list; food is a predominant interest of his for a start and the parents among you can probably work out his two favourite tv characters. We haven’t included all his ‘sounds’ here as that would be a long list but ‘quack-quack’ which was one of his first utterances is still in constant use 🙂



One Response to “Words”

  1. Emma Wingren February 23, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

    Love the picture, and now that I’ve been updated by Henrik on this blog, I’ll be a regular visitor!!!

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